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Hair Facts

  • When hair is properly shampooed and conditioned, HEALTHY hair secretes natural oils. Artificial oils (e.g., sheens, and serums) cover up the problem and clog pores!
  • Hair should be relaxed every 6-8 weeks…sooner, is too soon!
  • When transitioning from chemical to natural, clients must incorporate regular salon visits. Reason: it's common for hair breakage to occur along the demarcation line. A trained professional is better equipped at handling these instances.
  • Do it yourself clients USUALLY have more hair loss (i.e., breakage/ shedding) in the future than clients with regular salon visits.
  • Nutrition is an important key for healthy hair growth.
  • Natural and relaxed hair should be trimmed regularly and protein treated when needed.
  • A shampoo system should complement YOUR hair needs. One shampoo system (i.e., concept system) is not capable of satisfying every person.
  • Healthy hair requires little product usage. An over use of products weigh down the hair, clog the pores, and knock the scalp off balance.
  • Lifeless, limp hair (i.e., won't hold curls) USUALLY signifies over processed and/ or lacking hydration. Using proper shampoos and conditioners accompanied with proper methods, eliminate such things.
  • When experiencing ANY type of hair loss, braids and sew-ins aren't recommended!
  • If your hair is consistently fraying at the ends and you're finding yourself having to cut it in order to maintain a healthy style, your hair regimen is not beneficial to your hair needs. Note: hair grows; the ability to keep it (retention) is another story.
  • Drink plenty of water to make your hair naturally soft and silky. If you have frizzy or brittle hair, don't bother with expensive products – just drink more water and you will see a difference in no time.
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